Technical computer test

Technical test

To test whether the PC or Mac on which your child is going to train is able to run the Braingame Brian application, you can download the technical test. The test is available for PC and for Mac. Download and unzip the file. Make sure you keep all the files in the folder you just unzipped and run the application ‘WoB_Test_PC’, or when using Mac ‘WoB_Test_MAC’. You can finish the test by making Brian walk against the spinning house icon.

This test contains a small part of the game world of Braingame Brian and is solely intended to test your PC or Mac. If Brian is able to smoothly walk through the world and you notice no delay when pressing one of the arrow-keys or the W-, A-, S- or D-key (moving forward, left, backward, right; hold SHIFT to make Brian run) you can be sure that you computer meets the requirements.

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