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The executive function training Braingame Brian should not be considered a separate treatment module, which requires no extra supervision. The training should be part of an already effective treatment and should be applied under the supervision of a trainer. Prior to the training, a diagnosis and indication on executive functions must be set. Therefore, the trainers/ institutions/practices should be able to provide the necessary diagnosis, multimodal treatment and supervision.

Training of the trainers

The training of the trainers consists of a one day-training, followed by completing the Braingame Brian training by the trainer, and studying the relevant literature. The cost of this training day is 250 euros, including the Braingame Brian training application, for a single complete run.

Training day

The training day covers several aspects of the training, including information on the development of Braingame Brian, executive functions and insight on the currently available scientific data (see Literature). Also information is provided on diagnosis, indication, and the training as part of a wider treatment and on the necessary therapeutic support. Further, logging in is practiced and how to explore the game world, how to run the training tasks and how to use the instruction manual.

Running the training by the trainers

After the training day, we require the trainers to (partially) complete the training and fully explore the game world, using the instructions they received on the training day. This experience will help trainers to better indicate Braingame Brian, and to provide better supervision to clients and answer questions.


Trainers will be handed a literature file on the training day. This provides them with a theoretical and scientific base, which can be used for correct indication, discussing Braingame Brian with colleagues and to give further information to parents. For more information, please go to research and publications.

Training completion

After a successful training, the trainer receives a certificate and are allowed to draw new clients for the training. The trainer also receives instructions regarding the application for training. For clients, it is only possible to enroll in the training through a certified trainer.

Data storage

Since 2011, a web application is operational, which stores data about the achievements and progress of clients in a central database. Through the foundation, trainers can review this progress, presented in learning curves for the three different training tasks. Since fall 2012, trainers also have access to the raw results data of their individual clients. The foundation may use the data for further research; at the start of the training the parents are requested to give written permission (informed consent).

Training days

Up till now (March 2018) there have been 17 days of training, with a total of more than 300 participants.


For more information regarding the training of trainers, requirements for trainers and/or application for a training day please send an email to

Certified Trainers (in The Netherlands)

With 200 trainers now certified by the Foundation, you should be able to find one near you. For the location of all the currently certified trainers, please consult our map. Are you a trainer and would like to be added to the map? Please send an email to

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